Hermetic philosophy

Hermetic philosophy is the fundamental understanding of creative dynamics; being laws which govern movement, creative reasoning and manifested constructs.

It is also the knowledge of Divine principles being natural functions made reasonable through the understanding of perceived cycles.

The core concepts relate to natural cycle’s of projection like seasons and child birth and creative reasoning such as expression and law; Giving an understanding of knowledge leading to truth, wisdom and the perception of life.

The principal element of learning relates to the law of three which is the basis for all understanding.

The law of three describes the process of all interaction, revealing the forces necessary for creation.

The three points of observation are:

  • Creative – Active force
  • Receiving – Opposing force
  • Reconciling – Preserving force

An easy way to understand such; is if you were to draw a line.

  • The dot or point of origin from which the line started would be the creative force; with the active force projected form the artist.
  • The point at which the line ends would be the receiving force and the opposing force; being the artist’s projection to stop the line.
  • The line itself is the preserver and reconciling factor between both; the creative and receiving force.

If you were to think of the line as a creation; there are three steps involved, which all come into play in balance in order for the line to be created as such.

Also if you consider that the line was created; such brings to the understanding of ‘one and another’; for in order to be one there has to be another; as the artist is one and the line is another.

This dynamic factor plays in all levels of the movement of creation. We reason these dynamic factors by way of cyclical events leading to the dimension of time as a science and perception; like the seasons in a year or the birth of a child.

The law of four is the understanding of perception; being a manifestation of the law of three, it is the material construct of creative dynamics. This could be understood as the line created by the artist or the baby created by the parents or the Earth as a Divine construct.

The law of four gives further understanding of the law of the other; which is creative and reasoned dynamics between one and another. A dynamic factor created  through the law of the other could be perceived as a common language between one person and another to at its highest point can establish reasoned truth  through written law; which like a line is a creative, reasoned construct in itself becoming the son of reasoned perception between one and another; in a higher natural state can be perceived as the birth of a child. ’Respect for the other is an absolute truth being divine and natural law; manifestation and perception and reason would not exist otherwise’.

By understanding these core principles, we can further define the world around us in order to make the best reasoned decisions with the greatest of expression.