Definition Of Love

‘Love is all’.

This blank statement basically sums up the difficulty of truly defining love, but nevertheless, it is good to really build a picture of the concepts and diversity of such a force.

At root; the force of love is the creating element in all things and it is also the joining and neutralising element of duality.

It is the only encompassing energy of all other forces being the strongest which as a feeling within us has been identified with the word love.

It is a constant force of nature and is reflected in life.

We tend to only relate to the word love as a romantic bond between two people as it’s easily identifiable but that is just one example.

A better example of true love can be described within the love from a parent to their child; In its highest form to be humble, compassionate, tolerant, forgiving, giving, wholly accepting to a point of complete inequality.

Words cannot give Love justice when trying to describe it as a feeling or force and sometimes best suited to the realms of poetry and abstract geometry. The varying words that can be used to symbolise love from a parent to their chid are all aspects of love and used separately may not bring direct attention to that fact but they are direct actions of love whether separately or combined, the only difference is that combining different aspects creates a greater resonance of the feeling within the person expressing such actions.

True forms of love that have been described are not just between parent and child and are possible actions between anyone and anything and this is seen in varying amounts around the world by people on a daily basis.

A respect for life in all forms could describe love at base with the pinnacle of love being expressed as the joining of male and female in the act of making love to create a child.

The divine principal to have respect for the other is the underlying dynamics which hold us together; being perceived as magnetic at an atomic state.

By understanding these core principles, we can further define the world around us in order to make the best reasoned decisions with the greatest of expression.