Creative Dynamics

The basic nature of intelligence; The ‘dynamics’ by which the Universe exists and functions; Its ‘primal motive force’ is the essential constituent of the universe and is at the basis of all the activity of the creation including the reality we perceive.

It is described by many things in different contexts and especially in religious literature around the world under names like ‘trinity’ or ‘triad’ and ‘the three centres’ among many others.

Philosophically there are three major centres that serve as the fundamental operating principles of universal nature, best symbolised in the form of an equilateral triangle.
The entirety of creation and its process of evolution are carried out by three major centres:

  • The active / creative force – Creation
  • The receiving / opposing force – Destruction / transformation
  • The reconciling / preserving force – Preservation

These three dynamical attractor states are reflected in all aspects of life and depending on the point of focus can be described in many different ways.

“truth is a many sided diamond and one which can be held and seen in different ways”
As the statement suggests, it is easy to make distortion when trying to compare one description with another of the same fundamental operation but different descriptions better facilitate understanding with regards to the angle or point of reference.
If we analyse the flux of physical phenomena around us in the light of modern scientific knowledge we shall find three principles of a fundamental character underlying these phenomena.

The three principles which ultimately determine the nature of every phenomenon are all connected with motion and may be called different aspects of motion. It is very difficult to express these principles by means of single words, for no words with a sufficiently comprehensive meaning are known, but for want of better words we may call them:

  • Vibration which involves rhythmic motion of particles (limit cycle attractor)
  • Mobility which involves non-rhythmic motion of particles with transference of energy
  • Inertia which involves relative position of particles attracting a fixed point

The three centres act as the fundamental substrate for manifested existence.
The symbolic manifestation of this within the body is the sacrum bone, also described as the ‘base chakra’ and ‘kundalini’ amongst other variations is a philosophy used to define this principal and the process of transformation, this primal motive force can induce within us in a spriritual context, centred around the individual.