To understand ENKI and ENLIL; firstly their should be an understanding of EA.

EA means ‘soul at its highest point’ which in scientific terms is the projected axis produced from creative dynamics.

This can be understood in relation to conception; being the building block of life created through the mixing of the sperm and egg; ‘Sound at its highest point’. A divine construct of sound; Sacred fire.

According to the ancient Sumerian texts; the Sumerian god, Anu, the “supreme Lord of the Sky”, was the reigning titular head of the Sumerian Family Tree.

ANU  means ‘highest point of the other in the jar’. The ‘other’ relates to EA, being as a point of measurement within the egg, symbolised as the moon. Sumerian science was based on the dynamics of sound, “to hear” and so the moon was symbolised as the projected axis for the creation of ‘EA’; the entry point of sacred fire.

If we were to look at ourselves within the egg; we can understand the relationship to the moon as a point of projection of sound and where the sperm was received, to create EA; a mixing of the dynamics, between the life force of mothers egg with the life force of the sperm to create a son; a ‘reasoned projection’, then becoming the soul and life force within the egg.

ANU had two sons, (two projections of reason); which were ENKI and ENLIL.

These are projections of sound becoming natural thought forms and functions within the mind of EA. We can perceive these as reasoned cyclical dynamics in relation to the Earth and the mind; to see and perceive. This could be understood with regards to the rain, whereby observation through the self to the dynamics of such, bring reason and balance; a truth; the ‘rain cycle’.

EA being the divine construct of life, is at this point inside the material egg through which the projections are sustained. Creation of the self and perception by measurement and understanding through reason is based on these two other dynamics, projected as a matter of course, to be perceived.

ENLIL means ‘soul and the other, measured, the self measured’.

The ‘other’ is in relation to the material egg in this case, (mothers creation and projection)

ENLIL also described as ‘ILU’ which means ‘highest point of measurement in the jar’; was also named, Lord of the Air and Lord of the Command; This connection is through the overseeing of the measurement of the ‘self’ which could also be described as the air moving over the Earth.

The two ‘L’s in ENLIL is in regards to the self being projected between two poles; One pole being EA in this instance, with the ‘other’ being the jar (egg). The created Earth being perceived as the self; ‘ENKI’; the heart..

The mother of ENLIL is ‘KI’; again being the name of the function of the projection itself and means; ‘polarity of the self’.

ENKI means ‘soul and the other, the polarity of the self’

As a perception of EA; ENKI was named the Lord of the Earth and Waters. EA being personified as water and the polarity of the self being ‘ENKI’ seen as the Earth and heart; perception and being.

The mother of ENKI is ‘ANTU’; This is the name for the function of projection itself and means; ‘highest point of the other, balanced in the jar’. This could be seen as the created Earth coming to balance through the water; life itself in motion; the rain cycle perceived and reasoned.


ENKI and ENLIL were seen, not to get along; this in relation to the understanding between sound and light; hearing, seeing and the perception of such.

ENLIL is the measurement of the polarity of the self; the projection of divine dynamics to create the self and ENKI is the perception of the self. Observation has to follow projection at this point in order to perceive.

The projection of measurement is to come to balance; ‘ANTU’. For ENKI and ENLIL; perceiving the projection brings suffering through the perception of sound and light; the mind and soul in tandem coming to balance. The understanding and reasoning which becomes apparent after a cycle of measurement brings closure to the suffering and imbalance between the two dynamics as it is fully perceived without need for further measure. This can be understood through reason of a cycle of events like the ‘rain cycle’ for instance; Necessary for the best of things; but misunderstood until completion of the cycle is fully realised.

The measurement of the self in projection comes through the divine construct EA as it is the life, within the egg; the mind being nurtured. The divine construct of the egg itself, which holds life, is the first ‘other’ to be perceived, being the only other. The egg projects into EA as a perception to reason, which could be described as mothers self; The perception of the material coming to a binding balance. The division and understanding between life and egg brings the creation of the self; This being perceived as the Earth becoming one, but understood as the air, due to the self being sound and not material. The material being the perception of the self.

The process between EA, ENKI, and ENLIL is in the creation of the self. At a point of balance, all become one creative dynamic.

  • EA – the divine life construct, being seen as the soul; feeling; sound projecting into the material. The sustenance seen as water projecting into the land.
  • ENLIL – as the light of the self; the air; reasoning movement. The mind created within, through perception of sound and light; the measurement of such becoming KI; the polarity of the self.
  • ENKI – as the soul and self in balance, the heart; the gold standard; the perception of KI; the polarity of the self; the mound; the Earth.

This process is in relation to the Earth becoming a divine construct within the band of life; or like the conception of an egg, becoming the child’s self imbued in the material.

If looked at as a trinity in relation to creative dynamics of the true self. The balance of the Soul, Heart and Mind are which through its balance give the vibration, mobility and inertia necessary to project and understand, with the the highest point ‘to be; in harmony’. In relation to Earth; a perfected ecosystem.




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