Wisdom; also called Sofia or safe fire is the understanding of truth; to be wise is to reason from truth.

Truth can come from understanding the initial principal of one and another and the law of the other.

To have respect for the other is an absolute truth; being divine and natural law. Anything contrary to this law cannot be real. All else is but an opinion. This is a divine principal.

This is the benchmark of wisdom; also referred to as circumcised; measured and safe fire.

The mind is a fire construct of two parallel perceptions; one creative and the other being reasoned. We can choose a point of axis and focus between these two dynamics to create our perception. This ability is why the fire in the mind can be called sacred fire when in regard to the definition of fire which otherwise is but a material state.

The mind as sacred fire can be regarded as safe fire when measured as wise. This is in relation to having the mind rest on the initial divine principle. This is the truth in which wisdom can be measured.


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