According to the Egyptian creation story, the world originally consisted of the primeval waters personified as Nun; The egg before conception.
From it arose a mound; which we perceive as the Earth, being the conception of the egg and the life inside.
Upon the mound sat the self-begotten god ‘Atum’ which means ‘the highest point of balance in the jar of mother’. This is in relation to the new self of the child. or consciousness of the Earth.
Word meaning
The Ogdoad  – ‘The circles gate to the dream;the circles highest point of the dream’
In Greek ογδοάς “the eightfold” is in relation to the mobius strip as an understanding of movement

The Egyptian translation of  Khemenu, Ḫmnw means; ‘The polarity and bridge of the soul of mother to the soul of the other in the jar. The bridge of mother and the other through constructive sound.’


Ogdoad relates to the building of the soul;  through the dynamics of constructive sound between one and another to a point of balance.

In relation to pregnancy; mother being one and her baby being another.

The vibration of mothers soul, bridging with the soul of the new life inside her encapsulated within the egg and the balancing of such is the function it refers to.

The representation left symbolises ‘ogdoad’;  The circles gate to the dream;the circles highest point of the dream; (mother and unborn child. The child is symbolised as the dream). The axes on the right are in relation to axis of sound which is the creative dynamics for the construction of the soul. The factoring of nine is due to the construction of the child; dream being incomplete

The original “company of gods” or paut neteru, means the upper at the highest point in the jar balanced (mother, moon). The other’s soul balanced (child, Earth). The soul to see over the jar; which relates to the ‘self’ of the child, or the self of Earth.
The chief deity (conclusive function) was Tem; The balance of the soul of mother

N35A A40

N35A X1

V28 V28 G43 A40

V28 V28 G43 X1

y G43 N2 A40

y G43 N2 X1

V28 D41 A40

V28 D41


The four ‘gods’ on the left relate to the movement of defined natural function within the building of the soul, with the four gods on the right being the projected final measure. As you can see the names end with a ‘T’ informing that it is a balancing of function.

NU and NUT

NU means the ‘Other’ and ‘Jar’ which relates to the movement and dynamics between the soul and the material in which it is contained. NU and NUT are written with the determiners for sky and water, with NU being primordial and NUT being comprehensible.

NUT is the balance of such.

In relation to perception, it could described as the new life force being imbued within the egg and the balance of such to create the heart of the new child.

As a correlation with the world. It would be understood as life being imbued in the rock, with the Earth being seen as the heart of the child; sky being the perception of the jar and water being the projected balancing cycle.

HeHU and HeHUT

HeHU means ‘the bridge of the soul to the bridge of the jar’ which is the function of connecting the life force with the material. This could also be described as a shoreline between one and another. It is a bridge for creative dynamics to flow from one defined construct to another in a balanced way.

HeHUT being the balance of such.

As a perception, it could be understood in relation to how the lungs are used as a way of transition.

With regards to Earth, it could be seen as the factoring from inorganic to organic.


KeKUI means ‘the polarity of the soul and the polarity of the jar to the self’, which relates to the creation of the self being a dynamic brought forward from the measuring of the soul and material.

KeKUIT being the balance of such.

As a perception within us, it could be described as the three centre; being soul, heart and self.

With regards to Earth, it could be seen as water, land and air.

QeRH and QeRHT

QeRH means ‘Projection from the upper to the soul to see over the bridge’ This relates to how the soul internalises sound to bring feeling; being understood by the self to give a determining factor to choice.

QeRHT is the balancing of such

As a perception within us, it could be understood through our intuitive self.

With regards to Earth; it could be perceived as the moon moving the water to bring life. with the self of Earth understanding the expression through feeling and creative response.


As you can see, the function of the ogdoad is a representation of the law of the other and the law of three in operation within the fertilised egg; to create the self of the new being.

The new being to which we call Earth is a divine construct imbued with creative dynamics by way of the soul, heart and self. It could also be described as a manifested construct from sound. The number associated with Earth is 40; being a divine construct; 7, with creative dynamics; 3, squared, which equals 40.

The 8 in the ogdoad is a relation to 2 constructs in balance; one being mother and the other being baby.



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