Great Ennead

Great Ennead

The Great Ennead was a group of nine functions for understanding creation of perception.

The word ‘Ennead’ means the movement between one and another, the soul at its highest point in the dream.

The Greek name ‘Enneas’ (Ἐννεάς), meaning “the Nine” can also be seen as ‘the movement between one and another, the soul at its highest point in movement’

The Egyptian name, written ‘PSDT’ means ‘the upper in movement, the dream to balance.

According to the Egyptian creation story, the world originally consisted of the primeval waters personified as Nun; The egg before conception. From it arose a mound; which we perceive as the Earth, being the conception of the egg and the life inside.

Upon the mound sat the self-begotten god ‘Atum’ which means ‘the highest point of balance in the jar of mother’. This is in relation to the new self of the child. or consciousness of the Earth.

“The ‘Great Ennead’ runs after the functioning of the ‘ogdoad’ described as ‘TeM’; where the self is created, but is yet to perceive.

Bored and alone, Atum either spat or masturbated, producing air personified as Shu and tefnut.

SHU; means ‘movement and bridge to the jar’. This can be seen as the Earth releasing air into the atmosphere

TeFNUT means, the ‘balance of the soul projected in sync with the others jar in balance’. This was personified as moisture and can be seen as the rain cycle.

The siblings Shu and Tefnut mated to produce the earth personified as Geb and the nighttime sky personified as Nut.

GeB; means gate of the soul to the heart. The earth is seen as the heart being the link between the upper and lower. Initial perception of the rain cycle leading to a reasoning of the cycle, results in a measured gate of understanding; a feather of perception. The heart is understood to be the best of things between the upper and lower and so the rain cycle is regarded as such.

NUT means, the ‘others jar in balance’ and relates to the egg. GeB is created within the egg, personified as the heart and the best of things on the Earth. NUT its perceived as the sky above within the egg, it is related to night sky because we can see the stars in its entirety which we call the universe; we do not perceive the egg.

The stars are related to the ‘T’ in NUT as they can be mapped out like a clock giving ‘balance’. The clock also relates to movement of the egg as it constructs the soul into material; (the best of things).

These siblings engaged in continuous copulation until separated by their father Shu, who lifted Nut to her place in the sky, conceived by the Egyptians as a firmament.

Geb and Nut were the parents of Osiris and Isis and of Set and Nephthys, who became respective couples in turn.

Osiris means the ‘whole in movement, the self to see over the self in movement’.

The ‘whole’ relates to the sphere of perception, which is the self. To see over the self in movement; means to reason and understand the actions of the self which would be the expression of the soul perceived by the heart.

Isis means the self in movement with the self in movement.

This relates to the perception of the movement of the self and the comprehension of such in tandem.

Set means the movement of the soul to balance.

This is the term for the conclusion of the cycle for perception, as the final construct is balanced, reasoned, and perceived.

Nephthys means the others soul in the upper bridge, balanced to a bridge of choice in movement.

This relates to the self perceiving the soul in balance. Giving a choice of expression; creative reasoning.

The Great Ennead was only one of several such groupings of nine functions in ancient Egypt, but these relate specifically to the construction of perception on the Earth, with Earth perceiving itself.

Atum being the Earth’s self his children Shu and Tefnut; their children Geb and Nut; and their children Osiris, Isis, Set, and Nephthys are all functions of its perception.

The Ennead being a functioning within us give an understanding of how the self can become mindful in relation to its own expression.



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