The humble ego

If we are just a thought in process and a thought is the process of consciousness; We are the powers of consciousness; An expression of consciousness.

Consciousness as a supreme force has the power to create a thought and each thought is connected through the powers of consciousness as an expression of consciousness.

A yes and no value is given to all thoughts so that consciousness can learn the outcomes of actions; Which could be called ‘binary refinery’.

The basic yes and no system manifests as free will, therefore there is no ultimate right or wrong in the realm of thought.

This system of interpretation can be misleading as consciousness has its goals founded on love.

Therefore all actions in the material realm should manifest with the primary intention based on love which is the true intention.

This can also be misleading as the definition of love has been diluted.

If “you” yourself as a thought, manifest your actions based on love and truth as intent, your experience is in flow with the true desire of supreme consciousness and therefore “you, as a thought” will have the ultimate experience.

If you limit your actions based on thoughts such as fear and bad will, you therefore limit the flow of consciousness.

If consciousness does not flow freely, neither does the flow of life, as the flow of life is a reflection of consciousness; experience is the process of such.

Dreams within dreams……


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