Archetypes – Repressed aspect

Archetypes are divine functions. The archetypes of nature are perfect and present in the psyche of perception.

Perception of the self as an archetype is the masculine and feminine in perfect equality of movement expressed through divine function with creative reasoning.

As a natural state we have an inequality between the masculine and feminine within the perception of the self with the tendency for the denigration of the feminine. This is due to projection being perceived as a masculine, with the feminine as the point of measurement. Because of this reduction of the feminine within us, we lose our natural ability to make a balanced decision as a movement within our perception; which could be called a lack of intuition.

An apparently lost aspect within us is the ‘wise and loving feminine’; a lost repressed feminine principal. This is through an unfolding of ignorance between the perception of one and another and the function itself. A key source to overcoming this is by understanding the function of the wise loving feminine; which can easily be perceived as a pregnant woman, with the function encompassing the whole process between the masculine and feminine from sexual intercourse to conceiving a child. Understanding the sexually empowered female as a positive force; being strong, sexually active; restored and respected.

With the repression of the feminine, brings the inequality, objectification and denigration of women and the loss of the feminine aspect in man and woman, such as intuition. Pure intuition is a means to hear our inner voice that connects us to the divine function of nature, leading to a straight path, based on respect and truth.

Perception as an archetype in balance can be understood in a spiritual concept as the ‘Holy Spirit’ within us or MAAT “Mothers highest point of balance, between one point and another”. eg, The balance between a pregnant woman and her unborn child.


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