You Me We

There is a reason for everything, that reason is you; to love and be loved.

Do not chase love externally; Its already inside you; Let it through internally so it can manifest externally.

Love yourself, love family, love friends, love earth, love experience, love consciousness, love supreme consciousness, have faith in love, have faith in supreme consciousness.

Solely thinking stops the process and change occurs; Heart and brain in sync is true.

Calm thinking, unlock feeling; Thought follows feeling.

Release don’t worry, have fun with love.

Consciousness is play, we are playing, we have everything, nothing needed.
Forget the parts, all is one, just play, love your experience for all that you are

Like each flame of the sun,

We are children of the Earth,

An expression of consciousness;

Burn bright, Be grateful of Life, Mirror the sun; All as a reflection of itself,

A state of Being

Dreams within Dreams x


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