3 + 4 = 5

He speaks of thunder and lightning,
A hammer in the wind,
Fractals of rainy days.

She speaks of honey and cinnamon,
Love in the air,
And half smiles inside of teardrops.

They take upon a path together,
Building respect for one another,
They walk beside a river flowing,
Taking hand in hand.

She leads him to a house at night,
Where seven diamonds shine of light,
They hold each one in turn while shouting,
“Turn this light into a fountain”

As the diamonds start to flow,
He feels a grasping from below,
An ego rises from the ground
Making seven trumpets sound.

“Leave that woman, come with me”
“I will show you all there is to see”

He looks at her with smile and face,
He knows the beauty of her grace.

“I love this woman, we are one”
In an instant ego had gone!

The house began to burn in flame,
The fire began to turn to rain,
And washed away the house of pain,
But the diamonds and their love remained.


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